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Apps Challenge

APPS Challenge

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2014 competition:

1st - Kristi Rabbitt: 'Childchat'

Childchat allows users to document, record and analyse the speech and language development of their children. 
Kristi wins a 13" Macbook Air, an iPhone 5s, and an iPad Air

2nd - George McDonald: 'Get Up'

Get Up is very simple. It is an alarm clock that, every time the user hits snooze, they donate a dollar to charity. Through their desire to sleep, they could be helping hundreds of people less fortunate than themselves.
George win an iPhone 5s and an iPad Air

3rd - Elisha Nuttall: 'Receipt Wizard'

Receipt wizard will allow users to get paper receipts stored in their phone in a searchable format. Whenever they need a receipt, they just search for category, date, or dollar value and do away with paper.
Elisha wins an iPad Air

Congratulations to all of our winners.

Entré thanks the judges: Rachel Wright from UC Innovators, Chris Henderson from Cognition and Toby Vincent & Reuben Biji from Smudge Apps for the time and effort put into the competition.

Previous Winners


1st - Hannah Duder: 'Suggestion Box'

Suggestion Box provides a place for any member of the public to make suggestions to businesses. Other users can agree or disagree with the suggestions providing valuable feedback for businesses.

2nd - Matthew van Voorthuizen: 'Read-Advancer'

Read-Advancer is an educational literacy-focused app designed to assess the reading ability, speed and comprehension of any individual. Capabilities are tested and then a comprehensive course is tailored to their ability.

3rd - Daniel Smith: 'Vacant computer locator'

An App which provides University of Canterbury students with dynamic feedback on how many computers are vacant in each of the IT workrooms and libraries across campus.


1st - Andrew Montague with 'Travel Treasure Hunt' - this app is now available from the Apple Store

2nd - Henry Jones

3rd - Curtis McCorquindale

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