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Entré is a student-run company at the University of Canterbury, inspiring students to aspire to excel in the business world.

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$85K Challenge 2017 Winners!

Congratulations to all of our winners, announced at the Annual Awards Ceremony on the 10th October! A special congratulations to Talk Town (Zoe Haws) who were announced as the grand winners and The Monthly Co. (Isabelle Smith and Josie Milton) for taking the runner up prize. Read here to find the full list of winners.

Winners Announced for the Kathmandu NZ Student Social Enterprise Challenge brought to you by entré

Thank you to all students who took part in the Kathmandu NZ Student Social Enterprise Challenge from the 10th - 11th August. Congratulations to Youth Booster who took out the top prize - Tim Mills, James Kay and Brittany Stewart. The most potential prize (sponsored by Mallu) was awarded to Fiddy Cent - Keegan Phipps, Tim Marshall, Dom Bain and Amy Inwood. Read more on the competition.

$85K Challenge Qualifiers Announced!

The top 11 teams were announced at the Qualifiers Evening on the 2nd August! Congratulations to: AMP Solutions (Charan Ashokraj), Primal Future (Todd Selak), Biome (Logan Williams, Fiona Ambler), Eden Orchards (Jacob Bignell), Talk Town (Zoe Haws), Jekka (Jess Langtry), Talk Me Through (Averill Williamson), The Monthly Co. (Isabelle Smith, Josie Milton), Nextgig (Matthew Williamson, James Watson), Transition Navigators (Robyn Johnston) & Streetseen (Tobin Bain-Hogg, Rafaela Bolanos).

$85k Challenge Top 20 Teams Announced!

Congratulations to the top 20 contestants for the $85k Start Up Challenge, announced on Friday! The teams are: Accountable, AMP Solutions, Aspire cafe & training centre, Biome, CarePackageNZ, Eden Orchards, Futurefire Tech, Jekka, Leftovers, OhKeyTech, Possumloft, Primal Future, SetFiller, Streetseen, Talk Me Through, TalkTown, The monthly co, Transition Navigators, Trips, T & T Tutoring. Good luck to you all!

2017 Napkin Challenge winners announced

Congratulations to our winners for this year's competition! Overall Winner: Interactive Petrol Map by Josie Milton; Best App idea: Eating impact on world by Mikayla Haycock; Funniest: Pet Dating App by Shakila Saroni; Most beneficial to students: Student Eats by Jarred Durling; Most practical: Computer availability App by Chris Visagie. Thank you to everyone who entered!

$85k Challenge Competition Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all of our winners, announced at the Annual Awards Ceremony on the 4th October! A special congratulations to Anteater (Peter Randrup, Rebecca De Prospo & Duncan Shand) who were announced as the grand winners and Sonder Leather (James Richardson) for taking the runner up prize.

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